Food Bank

Project SHARE provides emergency food to an average of 126 families per day who are living below the poverty line in Niagara Falls. Families can come once per calendar month for their perishable and non-perishable grocery pickup, and once per week for perishable items such as fresh produce and bread. Clients must show proof of residency, income and dependents every time they access this program.

Statistics Canada defines the low income cut off (LICO) or poverty line as:

*2012 Statistics Canada
Size of FamilyAnnual Gross Income  Monthly Gross Income
 1 person  $23,276  $1,939.67
 2 people  $28,975  $2,414.58
 3 people  $35,622  $2,968.50
 4 people  $43,252  $3,604.33
 5 people  $49,054  $4,087.83
 6 people  $55,325  $4,610.42
 7 people  $61,596  $5,133.00

Many of our clients are on Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, and these benefits are much less than the above LICO incomes. For example a single person on Ontario Works receives only $656/month ($280 Basic Needs Allowance+ $376 Shelter Allowance).

Project SHARE has a walk in fridge and freezer and gratefully accepts donations of fresh and frozen foods. The most requested food items are fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most needed food donations are:

  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Peanut butter
  • Baby food & formula
  • Protein items including meat, eggs, cheese, beans & fish

Over $100,000 is spent purchasing food necessities, and over 800,000 lbs of emergency food are given out each year to families in need. That’s the equivalent weight of 15 fire trucks or 55 African elephants!

We asked some of our clients what they would do if they couldn’t come to Project SHARE for emergency food and some of the responses were:

“A week a month my family would have to starve. That’s the bottom line”

“I might end up behind bars”

“ I would have an unhealthy lifestyle. I would not be able to afford the nutritious food I do receive here since it is so expensive at the store”.

For more information on our emergency food program please contact 905-357-5121 or