Hunger Facts

  • An average of 100 families per day come to Project SHARE for emergency food and support services
  • 32% of those we help are children
  • 6766 individuals were helped with emergency foodduring our last fiscal year.
  • Our food bank usage has increased by 26.5% since the 2008 recession
  • Over 840,000 lbs of food is distributed each year
  • The monthly food allocation of perishable and non-perishable foods typically last a family 3-4 days.
  • Families can receive emergency food assistance twice per month including fresh produce and bread.
  • Minimum wage in Ontario is currently $14 per hour. Based on 35 hours per week, annual income on minimum wage is $20,475 which is below the poverty line (LICO)
  • A single person on Ontario Works receives only $733 per month for food and shelter.
  • In 2019, over 11,884 people were waiting for affordable housing
  • Each client story is different. Some of our clients are working full time, minimum wage jobs and are still living below the poverty line. Some are living with a disability and therefore can’t work; others are employed seasonally and access our services only when they aren’t working. Some of our clients cannot find work after their good paying, factory job disappeared. Each client is treated with dignity and respect as we help them and their families increase their food security.

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