Online Client Registration Form For Food

For New Clients

Families in need of food assistance may apply for support if they meet the following requirements:

Proof of residency in Niagara Falls, Ontario (rent, receipts, utility bills, Driver's License)
• Proof of current address (rent receipts, utility bills, etc.)
Source of income for all adults on file (OW, ODSP, Student Loans, Pay Stubs, CPP, OAS, private pension(s), bank statements, etc.)
• I.D. for all adults (persons over 18 years). This can be in the form of a Birth Certificate, Health Card, Driver's License, passport, Immigration documents
• I.D. for all minors (persons under 18 years). This can be in the form of a Health Card,or Birth Certificate, passport or Immigration documents.

How to Register

Please complete our online application form and submit for consideration of services. If eligible, we will contact you for direction on how to access the emergency food service. IF ELIGIBLE, REMEMBER TO BRING SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION AS NOTED ABOVE.

Applicant Information

Family Information

Housing Type

Monthly Income*

Identify your source(s) of income for all household members:

Is your request for emergency assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you an International student attending post-secondary education at a local college or university?


I understand that I am assigned a prepacked food package and I must arrive at least ½ hour prior to the scheduled food bank closure hours. There is a zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse. Observation of recent drug or alcohol usage will result in a request to leave the premises. A ‘Prepack’ MAY CONTAIN: A "best before" or "use by date" that has expired *canned food may be dented; discard after opening if contents spray out after opening (note: canned goods are good past their expiry date for up to 4 years). I AGREE to use ALL items as soon as possible and accept ANY risk associated as noted above however, if there is a concern, it is suggested you discard such items. I DECLARE that the information given is truthful and that income information has not been withheld or misrepresented. Misrepresentation includes claiming single status rather than couple status, children and other adults residing in the residence that change the status to family. The size of family determines the size of the prepack received. Misrepresentation of any information may result in being dismissed from using the Project SHARE Food Bank. *Should questions arise based on the information provided, a further request for documentation may be requested. ProjectSHARE reserves the right to verify the information provided..