Out of the Cold Program

Project SHARE was proud to run the Niagara Falls Out of the Cold 2 year pilot project from November 2018-April 2020. We thank St. Andrew’s United Church for hosting this program, the Niagara Region, the City of Niagara Falls and numerous community donors who supported this initiative.

We are proud of the successes we saw over the past two years which included securing housing and employment for some of the shelter guests. The pilot proved a need for this program to continue and expand in Niagara Falls and we are happy to announce Out of the Cold will continue at St. Andrew’s United Church with an increased 30 beds beginning on November 15, 2020 under the leadership of Start Me Up Niagara. Start Me Up Niagara has been operating the St. Catharines Out of the Cold Program for many years, and their experience as a shelter provider will be a great benefit to our Niagara Falls community. Project SHARE will continue to support the Niagara Falls Out of the Cold program as a community partner. For more information on Out of the Cold Niagara Falls please visit